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Most companies have an “executive” customer service department or even an “Office of the President.” These departments tend to offer higher touch service and are reserved for the squeakiest wheels. For instance, our users are often escalated to executive customer support.

But David isn’t the only way to get ahold of executive customer service. Sometimes it’s as simple as calling the executive herself.

Here are some key contacts to get started:


Cell Phone Companies:

  • Executive support: (877) 574-8832
  • CEO Randall Stephenson: rs2982@att.com
    Corporate switchboard: (210) 821-4105
    Call and ask for the CEO
  • General Counsel David McAtee: david.mcatee@att.com
    (214) 757-3300

Just in case you’re wondering how eager these folks are to hear from you: one customer was threatened with a cease and desist letter after emailing AT&T CEO Randall Stephenson.






Verizon Wireless


Cable Companies:


Comcast gives out a special phone number to politicians, journalists, and other influential people who have problems with their cable, in the hopes that they never experience typical Comcast service: (866) 671-5645. Try calling and demanding the same special treatment.


Time Warner Cable

If you’ve tried these executive contacts and still can’t get anywhere, use David to send them a demand letter in minutes.

This information was collected from public sources and is believed to be accurate when posted. If something is out of date, let us know!