Comcast told to stop claiming it has “the fastest internet in America”

Comcast agreed this month to stop claiming that its broadband internet service is “the fastest internet in America” after the advertising industry’s self-regulatory body concluded that Comcast can’t back up those claims.

Comcast based its claim of having “the fastest internet in America” on data from users who tested their internet speed through tools from Ookla. But after Verizon challenged Comcast’s claims, the National Advertising Review Board (NARB) took issue with the data Comcast used.

For example, Comcast users who tested their internet speed were on Comcast’s highest speed tier, but Comcast compared those users’ speeds with Verizon users who may not have been on Verizon’s highest speed tier. Additionally, while the data showed that participating Comcast users had higher download speeds than participating Verizon users, the Verizon users actually had higher upload speeds. Moreover, the data showed that there were small providers in certain markets whose speeds were much faster than Comcast’s top speeds.

The NARD also took aim at Comcast’s claim of having the “fastest in-home wifi,” without disclosing that a customer’s in-home wifi speed is limited by how fast their internet connection is.

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