Comcast billed condo owners $2,000 because they sent cancellation request to wrong office

A small condo association in Florida thought they had cancelled their bulk service contract with Comcast, but was surprised to be billed for continued service that they didn’t want. In all, they were charged over $2,000 when they noticed that Comcast was continuing to charge them for service that was supposed to be cancelled.

Why? Comcast claims that the condo association mailed the cancellation request to the wrong Comcast office (one that apparently handles bulk service contracts but not cancellation of those contracts) and refused to honor the requested cancellation date. Meanwhile, condo residents began paying Comcast for individual service, thinking that the condo’s bulk service contract had ended. Essentially, condo owners were paying Comcast twice for the same service—individually, and through the condo association.

Months after the condo association noticed the mistake, Comcast refused to refund any money, claiming that they never received the cancellation request. Comcast eventually issued a refund of $2,034.31 after getting media attention, saying that this was just a misunderstanding due to a “process breakdown.”

But two weeks after sending out a refund, Comcast responded to the condo association’s FCC complaint, saying that “a refund is not justified”—apparently unaware that they had just issued one.

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