Verizon Wireless bills Vietnam veteran for $3,600 in data overage charges

A 72-year-old Vietnam war veteran received a bill from Verizon Wireless last month for over $3,600 in data overage charges after supposedly using 234 GB of data on his 12 GB plan. That amount of data is equivalent to streaming Netflix in high-definition for 78 hours.

According to Verizon, most of that data was used on the man’s mobile hotspot, which he said he left at home during the entire month of October when he was out of state. Verizon says that the overage charges are legitimate, but lowered the bill to $2,475.59 after a local news station contacted them.

Verizon maintains that they sent the man over a hundred text messages warning about the data overages that were accumulating. But the 72 year old says he doesn’t understand how text messages work.

The man isn’t alone in getting a surprise bill from Verizon. In September, the FCC received 2,079 complaints about Verizon Wireless, which is more than in 1,442 received in the previous eight months combined.

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