FCC receives flood of Verizon Wireless billing complaints

The FCC has recently received a flood of complaints from Verizon Wireless customers over billing issues with the nation’s largest wireless service provider. The FCC received 2,079 complaints against Verizon Wireless in September alone—which is more than the 1,442 complaints from the previous eight months combined.

What’s causing this surge in complaints?

The Cleveland Plain Dealer interviewed Verizon Wireless customers who received bills with hundreds of thousands of dollars in overage charges for supposedly going over their data plan limits. According to the Plain Dealer, Verizon told one Chicago customer he used 38 GB of data in one month (more than he had used in the previous 6 months combined) — and including 6 GB that was used in just one hour. To put that in perspective, even streaming a high-definition movie from Netflix would only use half that amount of data [1].

One New York woman got fed up after receiving a $700 bill in September. But she says Verizon is still charging her for data usage — even after she took the batteries out of her mobile device!

And in Ohio, Verizon told one man he went over his data plan by 154 GB in one month, billing him more than $2,500 in data overage charges over a 3-month period.

What does Verizon have to say about all this? Last month, they wrote a blog post pointing out that they forgave one Florida mother’s $9,100 phone bill (after intense media scrutiny). But still, Verizon says, they “haven’t found any anomalies” with their systems.

So what can you do about it if Verizon charges you for data you didn’t use?

If you can’t get anywhere with Verizon, consider filing a complaint with the FCC. It’s fast and easy, and you can do it as part of David’s questionnaire to generate a demand letter to Verizon.

[1] Netflix uses 3 GB / hour in high definition.

Do you want to challenge a bogus charge from Verizon?

Did you incur overage fees for data you didn’t use?

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