David publishes nearly 2,000 FCC complaints against Comcast

David has published nearly 2,000 FCC complaints against Comcast, voted the “Worst Company in America.” We’ve categorized the complaints so that you can filter by problem type and/or state to find similarly situated consumers. Whatever your issue with Comcast, odds are, you’re not alone.

One reason that people file informal complaints with the FCC is that their provider is mandated by statute to respond to the consumer and the FCC within 30 days. Sometimes, telcos behave better when Big Brother is watching them.

From January 1, 2015, to November 9, 2015, the FCC reportedly received 11,812 complaints against Comcast—more than AT&T, Verizon, and Time Warner Cable combined.

At the top of consumers’ gripe list? Comcast’s 300GB data cap. Here’s a taste:

Murfreesboro, TN:

I am a user of Comcast go internet. On an average month I used to use nearly 600-700gb of data. They now have a data cap, which was never told to me, at 300gb and charge more after this. This is absolutely ridiculous and they will do nothing except charge overages for it. Home internet should not have a data cap on it. It is designed for streaming and high usage. I hit 300gb in 1 week. That’s unfair.

Other common complaints include Comcast failing to honor its advertised price:

Jacksonville, FL:

On August 16th 2015 I signed up for Comcast TV and Internet service (“double play” package at 69.99 per month for 25mbs internet and starter cable) at my recently purchased home. Comcast attempted to activate the service and was unable to activate due to the previous owner’s service still being active. In order to resolve, I had to go in person to a Comcast office and prove that I owned the home. I went to the store, proved that I owned the home, received my gear and activated my service. Three weeks later I receive a bill for $113.49 for my Comcast service (which indicates that i somehow save $39.91 this month?). After many hours on hold, I was told that the billed price was incorrect but that Comcast would only revise the price to the current market price which increased the week after i purchased my service (market price was $89.99).

And for service that doesn’t work and that Comcast wouldn’t fix it:

Pompano Beach, FL:

I pay for Comcast Internet service. My service is off and has been for days. I have called 9 times, 3 online chats and many im messages with Comcast representatives. Some reps think it is funny to hang up when you get upset. I can’t get a service tech for days. If I call to terminat[e] my contract I am threatened with “Early Termination Fees”. Comcast is holding me hostage and making me pay for services I can’t use. I have no television, no phone and no internet.

Start your own FCC complaint:

As you can see, an FCC complaint doesn’t need to be the Great American Novel. If you’re getting the runaround from Comcast, check out David’s catalogue to see how other Comcast customers have explained similar problems to the FCC.

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