Top 5 legal myths about cable bills in New York [infographic]

Cable, internet and wireless companies would like you to think that they can put whatever terms they want into your user agreement, and you simply have to accept them.

We’ve put up with bad customer service – from hours on hold, to hang-ups, to no-show service appointments – for so long, we assume we have no recourse for being treated that way.

Maybe your provider has told you that you can’t rely on what its representatives or advertisements promise, because its fine print disclaims all those promises.

And perhaps this refrain from your cable company sounds familiar: they’re not responsible for delivering (say) 50 Mbps internet speed, because they only promised that the speed would be “up to” 50 Mbps.

Even many lawyers reflexively believe these stories. So it’s understandable that most of us don’t realize something essential about them:

They are myths.

Top 5 Legal Myths About Cable Bills in New York

Top 5 Legal Myths About Cable Bills in New York

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