How much has Verizon actually spent on its wireline infrastructure?

If you’re one of the thousands of customers who have complained about Verizon’s copper wire infrastructure, consider this: Verizon reinvests less than 1% of these revenues back into the maintenance, repair and service of its copper network.

So just how much has Verizon spent to maintain its copper wire infrastructure for landlines in New York, ten other states and Washington, D.C.?

A Verizon spokesperson recently stated that the company had invested only $200 million on its copper telephone wires since 2008. (Verizon’s 2014 revenues were $127 billion.) A union representing Verizon employees lambasted this investment as puny in comparison to the price of landline service: the company invests $3.50 per landline per year, but charges customers $300 to $370 per year for basic voice service. The union further claims that “Verizon is neglecting … its copper network,” which customers rely upon to call 911. Indeed, a market participant has notified the FCC that Verizon has engaged in “de facto copper retirement.”

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