Tired of a slow home Internet? Here is a no-hassle way to speed test your connection

Automatically test if your home Internet speed is slow or being throttled

We’ve all been there before.  In the midst of streaming the hottest new release on Netflix, downloading a large file for work, or simply surfing the web, our home Internet slows to a near-halt. We hit the reload button, hoping that faster Internet speeds are just around the corner, but our hopes are dashed as the web page simply won’t load.

As it turns out, our home Internet providers will only refund us for the months that we can prove that our Internet is slow. Somehow, we are supposed to have a record of all our home Internet speeds for an entire month.

Here’s a no-hassle way to speed test your home Internet automatically

Some telecom providers seem to be banking on the idea that it is too much of a hassle to speed test our home Internet speeds over the course of a month. Instead of manually checking speeds every time you log on, there is a much simpler (and free alternative), such as TestMy.net Automatic Speed Test. This amazing tool will automatically retest your Internet connection on a set interval and log the test results for you. Simply go to the website, tell the service how often you would like it to test your home Internet speed (as frequently as every five minutes), and how often you would like the service to repeat the tests (up to 100 times in a single session). By the end of automatic test, you’ll have a full log to hand over to your telecom provider if it tries to  slow or throttle your home Internet speeds, or simply fails to live up to its promises.

Get your money back

A recent David user logged his Internet speeds and got a refund of $480. Whether your telecom provider ultimately gives you a refund depends on whether your contract requires that your provider ensure a certain home Internet speed, what the provider advertised, and whether the provider’s business practices were fair.

Speed test your Internet and get what you pay for, rather than what some telecom providers feel like giving you.

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