Only 1 in 4 million AT&T customers goes to arbitration

Are you victim of AT&T data throttling? Don’t try to file a class-action

AT&T has 120 million customers, but only 27 customers per year file an arbitration against the company, according to Judith Resnik, a leading scholar of consumer rights and access to justice. Resnik’s scathing report in the Yale Law Journal notes that 99.9% of the customers of major wireless carriers have to use arbitration instead of a lawsuit.

So if customers aren’t taking their telco to arbitration, are they participating in class actions instead? Nope. By signing up for AT&T, Comcast, Time Warner Cable, or Verizon, you waive your right to participate in a class action. In 2011, after a class action was brought against AT&T for alleged bogus charges, the Supreme Court held that the corporation could enforce the waiver.

That leaves you with only two options if your cable, internet, or cell phone provider cheats you:  small claims court or arbitration.

Barriers to justice

AT&T has tried to intimidate you by erecting barriers to arbitration: requiring a “notice of dispute” to be sent by Certified Mail®. According to U.S.P.S., Certified Mail® starts at around $4 and is not available online, requiring a trip to the post office. Given the rising cost of living, this delivery charge may be cost-prohibitive for some AT&T customers. In any event, Certified Mail® is a service for the sender, not recipient, to prove mailing and delivery.

Resnik’s article shows that these barriers have succeeded so far. Most of us are too busy to spend hours drafting documents about slow internet, bad customer service, or broken coverage promises. So it not surprising that only 1 in 4 million AT&T customers take their claims to arbitration.

Where David comes in…

When you use David, your demand letter is styled as a “notice of dispute” and is sent via Certified Mail®. That means that if you decide to take AT&T to arbitration afterwards, you’ll have less work to do. See AT&T’s terms for more details.

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